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           Love from the Geisha Moth Community

Nice words from Nice People about Geisha Moth. 

"Any time I wear GM, anywhere I go, I always get compliments on my stylish attire. Comfortable, yet fabulous and so well made. When I look in my closet, I have pieces that I've had and worn for upwards of a dozen years that are still beautiful and look new. Always some of my favorite things to wear!" ~Tempest Z. from RI

"I love Geisha Moth’s clothes! They are equal parts comfortable and glamorous! Because she crafts each piece to your specifications, I know I won’t see myself wearing the same thing as someone else." ~Jane W. fr NC

"From stage to street, and beyond, even for my beloved pets  - always made with love - I can’t imagine life without GM in it." ~Susan C. fr CA

"I have been a satisfied buyer of Geisha Moth garments since 2006.  Her quality, inventive designs, and availability of my larger size have kept me loyal.  I enjoy knowing that what I order from Geisha Moth is sometimes one-of-a-kind, or very nearly so.  Most importantly, I feel more than fabulous wearing such delightful clothing and accessories!" ~Gena fr IN


"Geisha Moth clothes make me beautiful, sassssy, and swexy. I love having OOAK designs handmade to fit all of my voluptuousness and Mothy has the BESTEST customer service!!"
~Samantha N. fr WA

"No matter what piece of Geisha Moth I wear, I always feel beautiful.  I constantly get compliments. Thank you Mothy. Your designs add glamour to my life." ~MarLuna fr CA

"I love the amazing creativity in all that you do, you put your heart into everything, and you care about your fans/collectors. I could go on and on!" ~Jennifer L. fr WA

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