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Geisha Moth SKIRTSEE! 


Overall Color Scheme: Golden Brown with Gold Embroidery, Taupe-Sage/ Brown with Gold Embroidery
(colors may vary from monitor to monitor)


(This is for the overskirt Skirtsee only.
NOT included are the black floor length
under skirt and the black corset and top.)

Has a drawstring in the waistband.

So can fit:

XS up to 56" waist

Yes the same skirt can fit a XS to 56" waist.

Skirtsees are adjustable in the waist with a drawstring.Skirtsees are adjustable in the waist with a drawstring.It is high in the front. Long in the back. But you can adjust the back length with the vertical ruching channels to make it shorter. You will want to wear either... leggings, anotherlong skirt, or boy shorts underneath - since this is a High-LoOverskirt.


~Hi-Lo Skirt


~it has an adjustable drawstring in the waistband.


~It has an adjustable ruching channel in the back -

so that you can adjust the length.


~Double Ruffle. (2 Different fabrics as seen in photos)


~Two tiers of Black lace trim: all the way around.


~Professionally made.



~Great for travel! it can be rolled up tight - about the size
of a loaf of sliced bread!! And pop it in your carry-on! It's

a whole lot of skirt that can travel compact and light!


~and of course... Handmade in the USA by Geisha Moth


Thank you in advance!


Geisha Moth


Skirtsee 195.oo + shipping USA only

*All purchases are of final sale.


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