Geisha Moth SKIRTSEE! (SK0001)

(This is for the overskirt Skirtsee only.
NOT included are the black floor length
under skirt and the black corset and top.)


Colors: Rich Purple and Greens.
(colors may vary from monitor to monitor)

Has a drawstring in the waistband.

So can fit:

XS up to 56" waist

Yes the same skirt can fit a XS to 56" waist.

Skirtsees are adjustable in the waist with a drawstring.

You can also adjust the back length with the vertical ruching channels.


~Hi-Lo Skirt


~it has an adjustable drawstring in the waistband.


~It has an adjustable ruching channel in the back -

so that you can adjust the length.


~Double Ruffle. Ruffles on this particular Skirtsee is Tafetta and Chiffon.


~Two tiers of Black lace trim: all the way around.


~Professionally made.




~and of course... Handmade in the USA by Geisha Moth


Thank you in advance!


Geisha Moth


Skirtsee 195.oo + shipping USA only